Update From Pastor Brian Mcdaniel 

We have a crisis. Many people without food and water.

A new update (3/19/19) about Haiti from Pastor Brian McDaniel, who has been ministering there since the earthquake.


Update From Pastor Leo 

No running water. No electricity. No food. Living in fear. Not able to leave your home.

This is the picture of many families in the entire country of Haiti since riots broke out in early February. The streets are in an uproar with complete unrest and threats to burn everything to the ground. It’s time we, as Americans, as Christians, step up and help. For such a time is this to raise up and help our neighbors in Haiti.

  • Pray for them. There are children starving, the sick has no medical help and fear is rampant. Pray for help to come and that they might find hope.

  • Donate. We are sending a container of rice and beans, you can help financially support it by giving here and selecting “Haiti Crisis”.

  • Spread the word. Let people know the tragedy of what is happening and how they also can help.