by Pastor Chris McCarrick

Throughout his life, Daniel was “beloved by God” because he was an obedient, humble servant.  The book of Daniel, written by this man who lived a very visible and public life while maintaining a testimony to the one true and living God, provides a glimpse of God’s plan for mankind…of things to come during Daniel’s lifetime as well as details about the end times. Daniel’s life experiences…the challenges he faced and his willingness to stand for God while in the midst of extraordinary trials…prepared him to be the one to whom God would reveal so much about the future. He was so successful because, from the beginning, he purposed to set himself apart from the things of this world. 

The message that God is faithful to those who are faithful and obedient to Him is repeated with each account of Daniel’s experiences in Babylon. God is in charge and He blesses whomever He pleases…from the lowest to the most powerful. In short, we can be reassured that God is truly in control